The Vastness of the Law

Key Reasons To Hire An Attorney Who Works In Juvenile Criminal Law

Pre-teens and teenagers often act rashly and make grave errors in judgment. They lack the maturity to see how their actions will impact their futures. Instead of allowing your child to live with the consequences of their own immaturity and rashness, you can hire a lawyer to minimize them. You need to hire an attorney who specializes in juvenile criminal law to represent your child.

Bargaining for the Least Punishment Possible

Depending on the crime that your child committed, they could face years, if not the rest of their life, in jail. Serious crimes, such as assault and murder, often carry with them the harshest penalties without any chances of redemption.

As a parent, you want your child to avoid going to jail and facing extreme punishments that may not align with their maturity level and understanding. When you hire a lawyer who practices juvenile criminal law, you can have them bargain down the charges, if possible. The attorney that represents your child may be able to get charges of theft, vandalism, or rioting bargained down to misdemeanors.

If your child faces charges for crimes like assault and murder, it may be possible to have the case heard in juvenile court. Your child's attorney can ask the court to drop the charges down from adult to juvenile offenses and have the case go through the juvenile court system. Your child may only need to serve time in jail until they turn 18 or 21. 

Expunging the Record

After your child serves out their sentence, they may want to start life anew with a clear record. However, a conviction can harm their chances to go to college, get financial aid, vote, or secure housing or employment. 

An attorney who works in juvenile criminal law may be able to get your child's record expunged. They can petition the court to hide or remove the conviction, effectively showing that your child's record is clear and free from anything that could compromise their future.

An attorney who works in juvenile criminal law can provide valuable services to minor offenders. They can bargain down charges and have cases moved to juvenile court. This lawyer can also ask the court to expunge an offender's record.

If you have additional questions about your child and their case and what you can do about it, reach out to a juvenile criminal lawyer to get all your questions answered.