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The Purpose Of Putting A Skilled Disability Claim Attorney On Retainer

Benefits for disabled people can be challenging to obtain. The judges in charge of these cases are obligated to protect the funds in this federal program at all costs. They must decide to whom to award payments while determining what claimants may be faking their illnesses or injuries. To convince a judge to decide in your favor, you need to make a solid case in court. You can start by retaining an experienced disability claim attorney to represent you.

Establishing Your Case's Validity

When you put a skilled disability claim attorney on retainer, you can immediately work to establish your case's validity. You must convince the judge assigned to your case right away that you suffer from a qualifying illness or injury. You must eliminate any doubt in his or her mind that you are faking your sickness or injury and that you genuinely deserve to be awarded these payments. Your disability claim attorney can get on record with the court proof that shows that you are sick or ill. He or she can submit proof like doctors' reports, prescription records, x-rays, blood tests, and other medical evidence that proves that you are not faking an illness or injury. This proof can establish right away with the judge that you have a legitimate case to pursue.

Arguing for Benefits

Your disability claim attorney can also argue for why you need these payments. Even if you are disabled or sick, you could be found not eligible for benefits. The court's occupational specialist may say that you can still work and earn an income despite your condition. Your attorney can argue for why you cannot go back to work and earn an income on which to support yourself or your family. He or she can counter the occupational specialist's claims by arguing how work could endanger your health or shorten your life. Finally, your disability claim attorney can file an appeal if you are found not eligible for benefits. He or she can appeal the case as many times as needed to win your benefits. Your attorney can also make sure you are paid benefits from the first day that you filed your case.

A disability claim attorney can provide beneficial services when you file for disability benefits. He or she can prove that you have a qualifying illness or injury. Your lawyer can also argue on your behalf and file appeals.