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4 Reasons You Need To Hire A Domestic Violence Attorney

If you have been a victim of domestic violence you may be wondering exactly what hiring a lawyer can do for you. You may be fearful and wondering who to trust. The fact is that a lawyer can help you to navigate this difficult time. Here is a look at exactly what a domestic violence attorney can do for you.

Get a Restraining Order

If you are being threatened by a violent spouse, one the best things you can do to immediately protect yourself is to get a restraining order. This will prohibit your spouse from getting into contact with you. It will also prevent your spouse from coming within a specified distance of you. If your spouse is in your home, a restraining order can often get them out of the home.

File a Lawsuit

There are times when as a victim you may need to file a lawsuit against your abuser. A domestic violence attorney can help. A lawsuit can help you recover funds you have used for medical expenses and other financial losses. You may also be able to get compensation for your emotional pain and suffering.

File for Divorce and Custody of Children

There are times when divorce becomes inevitable in a situation where domestic violence is involved. In cases like these, you will need an attorney. Your attorney can see that you get spousal support and your share of any property that was accumulated during the marriage.

You may also need to think about young children that you have with your spouse. A domestic violence attorney can help you get full custody of your children. When children are involved, the situation can become volatile very fast, your attorney will prevent that from happening.

Be Your Voice

Your attorney will be your voice if you do not wish to communicate with your abusive spouse at any time. They will advocate for you in court and deal with any documents that may be filed against you by your spouse. In short, your attorney is a buffer between you and your abuser.

Dealing with abuse is never easy. When a relationship or a marriage is destroyed by the abuse of a spouse, the divorce or separation can be very traumatizing for everyone involved. Hiring a good domestic violence lawyer will help you have peace of mind during this difficult time. A good lawyer makes it easier for you to focus on your healing while they deal with the legalities of your situation.